more random stuff

hey everybody its been a while since i've been on and blogging. today was a good day. didnt accomplish much but still managed to be enjoyable. lets hope i have a few more like this. peace and enjoy your lives.



ok soo im soo stoked. they released a browser for hte iphone that somehwat supports flash. its called skyfire and all i can say is my breaks at school are not gonna suck. ill have my iphone and some videos to watch. Hope you can all benefit from this. and in other news. ill go back to talking about credit cards or cosmetic surgery in my next post, since that hwat most of my followers also seem interested in blogging about. take care all


Credit Cards

So its obvious that credit card companies want us to use them. I think the plus side is building credit. The downside, and it is much larger imo of the downside is the interest rates on unpaid balnces. Unpaid balances will result in a decreased credit score and will cost u alot of money. U can avoid this whole mess by being verrrrry responsible with ur credit card spending or you could just do it the old fashioned way with cash.


cosmetic surgery to improve your job?

so i was reading the news section on google and came across a story written by abc. it basically posed the question, would you have cosmetiv surgery to increase your chances of getting hired? This In my opinion at least shows how fake people have become. if people are hiring based on looks instead of looking at what potential employees have to offer. I dont think someone should have to get breast implants or have liposuction in order to get a job. thoughts and opinions are appreciated.


K bank

SO heres yet another company filing for bankruptcy!!! K bank, a maryland based banking company has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. In these tough economic times it seems like everyones going under and filing for some type of bankruptcy. glad my money is safe (for now at least) in wells fargo.


would ya look at that?

it appears Ambac, a bond insurance company has recntly filed for bankruptcy. i came across this reading a few news articles online. and according to the new york times "In its Chapter 11 petition, Ambac listed several groups of bondholders — all represented by the Bank of New York Mellon as trustee — as its largest creditors, with a total of $1.6 billion in claims." now thats something to think about, huge companies having to file for bankruptcy



so ive been a bit busy this past week so sorry to all u followers for not much new content in a while. anyways just checking in with u guys and im hoping to find some more time to blog this coming week. and to all my fellow bloggers, keep it up!


heres a question

so from what ive learned about reading a few blogs on bankruptcy is that it is more common than i thought. So have any of u bloggers ever had to file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 personal bankruptcy? or faced a situation close to having to file for bankruptcy?