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win lottery go bankrupt?

Alright so i found this. Its kinda related to my previous post. I think they give some good advice on investing money. Wouldn't wanna end up facing bankruptcy, like those celebs that often find themselves in this position. I especially like their advice on avoiding using credit cards and carrying cash instead.


read this!

So ive been reading up on celebrities recently. It's amazing how many of them can't manage their money well. I was curious how they could lose so much money so easily.I guess it's just them making stupid investments, and trusting the wrong people to manage their money. I also found a few tips for avoiding bankruptcy, in case any of you ever come close to facing filing for bankruptcy.

here's some steps if u find yourself close to that position of filing bankruptcy.
1. Avoid Bankruptcy By Selling Assets
2. Ask Creditors to Help You Avoid Bankruptcy
3. Avoid Bankruptcy Through Consumer Credit Counseling
4. Get Help Avoiding Bankruptcy From Family and Friends
5. Settle With Creditors and Debt Collectors


Whoah crazy!

recently came across this... i am a fan of ufc so this caught my attention artice from http://www.fightline.com/fl/news/2010/1021/533073/chris-leben/

"Hawaii News Now published a report yesterday indicating that UFC middleweight fighter Chris "The Crippler" Leben has been arrested for the second time on suspicion of DUI. Leben was arrested in 2008 in Clackamas County, Oregon on DUI charges stemming from an earlier incident; the outstanding charge was in violation of Leben's probation at the time and he was sentenced to serve 35 days in Clackamas County jail. The incident would mark the beginning of the darkest time in Leben's career, as he was forced to postpone a scheduled match up with Michael Bisping to serve his time. When he and Bisping did eventually meet, Leben not only lost but tested positive for steroids as well.

This most recent incident took place in Leben's new home of East Oahu, Hawaii, on the H1 Freeway sometime around 2 AM on October 19th. Leben crashed his pickup truck, prompting police response whereupon he was allegedly discovered to be driving without a license or insurance. Leben was held in custody on suspicion of driving under the influence of an intoxicant until he posted $1,000 bail.

Leben has been on a tear recently, capitalizing on the momentum of a unanimous decision win over Jay Silva with an impressive TKO over prospect Aaron Simpson. Just a few short weeks later, "The Crippler" stepped in for an injured Wanderlei Silva against Yoshihiro Akiyama and pulled off a submission win late in the third round of their Fight of the Night performance.

"The Crippler" is scheduled to take on Brian Stann this January 1st at UFC 125. No word yet on what, if any, effect this most recent arrest will have on that bout."


alright i like indie/alternative music. Not a fan of metal much, and am fine with rap as long as its good and not autotuned bs. MY favorite bands include sublime, pink floyd, animal collective, mgmt, wavves, japandroids, and passion pit. Any really good bands i should check out? reccomned me your favorite band or a few. Thanks and happy blogging



hey guys, sorry ive been busy the past few days with midterms and school stuff. Good news, I'm abck with another song I'd like to share with all of you. Give it a listen, tell me whatcha think :)



so ive been busy the past few days. heres a song i found on youtube. sounds awesome, by electric mystical soul vibration. reminds me of pink floyd, and this video is pretty trippy. enjoy!


pointers way

ok so idk how many of you guys know about this but its pretty much a powerpoint game. its pretty straightforward(stay on the path, and dont touch the objects). anyways its easy to find if u wanna play it just google search pointers way. it opens with powerpoint and youll be all started. And, its easy to hide on your work or school computers since its a powerpoint file. give it a shot it entertained me for quite a bit.


really loved this movie, as a comedy, not as an epic movie or wahtever. so i ask any other movies like this? or that id like becasue i liked this?


The situatiooonnns are irrelevant now!

alright so this has been stuck in my head forever... not that "great" but man is this a catchy song... and the music video (which doesnt have an embed code ,sorry) is pretty sexy, and a remake of hot for teacher. Anyways hope some of u like this

smart phones

so windows mobile 7 comes out soon. how will it do compared to the android os and ios. Which os do u use (or prefer)? i use ios, but id like to give android a shot.



well theres quite a few of these compilations on youtube just this one didnt have screamo music in the background so i decided it was pretty cool... (it sounds more epic than badass) anyways hope u guys like it

this game

so ive heard this game is alot like cod. It looks really fu nand I've been dying to see how it stands up to MW2.

SO which is better? This or MW2


American Beauty

Wow what a fabulous film. Thanks to "dmayne" for the recommendation. This was probably THE BEST movie i have ever seen. I usually can find stuff in a movie I'm not too keen on, but not this one. The acting, the cinematography, the music, the humor, everything was just perfect. There was a balance between the very emotional and disturbed neghbor and the shallowness of a stereotypical cheerleader. Definitley something worth seeing, and as I was watching it, I didn't want it to end, it was just that good. Here's the imdb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0169547/


Well caleb's a liar!!

ya im not sure how many of u have seen this but relateable and these guys have a few other good skits. (all these lines are like inside jokes with my friends too lol)

leeeeeroy mmm Jennnkins

OK so im pretty sure almost all of u have seen this, and its pretty old, but still it makes me laugh every time



im a huge movie fan... liek most of em besides chick flicks and boring dramas... im a fan of trippy movies, and indepentdent comedies, and the occasional horror. Can anyone reccomend me a few to watch?
heres one im gonna reccomend it blew my mind



alright so ya i know this isn't so original but id like to ask anyone whos willing to participate what their top 5 favorite albums are. you know those ones u can listen to over and over again and u still love em? I'll go first, hope a few of u will particiapte or just say ur favorite ONE.
1. Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon

2. Sublime- 40 oz to Freedom

3. Animal collective-Strawberry Jam

4. Beastie Boys- Licensed to Ill

5 Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles (I)

Where's YOUR head at?

so this song was stuck in my head today for gos knows what reason. SO i youtube'd it and watched the video and turns out monkeys sing... it made me laugh a bit :)

Requiem For a Dream

i love this movie. definitely one of my favorites, that's for sure. waht are your thoughts? Any other movies similar to this that i might like?

family guy

great show or greatest show ever?


Which browser is best?

i normally use chrome but i like the add ons of firefox and the look of opera best
my vote goes to opera i suppose. its fast and looks good. second would be chrome then firefox, slower, but has a wide support of addons. i dont even bother with ie or safari

which browser do u like best?


so i used to be a myspace addict. then it kinda died... no one posts ever and any time i log in like 2 friends are online.. now facebook has taken over (or so it seems) always a buncha people online, and im pretty addicted ot it myself. Twitter on the other hand i never got too much into. Honestly i don't care waht celeberties are doing and i don't feel the need to broadcast waht im doing constantly... well sometiems i do but i have this blog and facebook for that. And i think blogging is more addicting thatn facebook, or at least the people who blog are intelligent and creative, unlike my fellow facebookers.Which of these 3 do u prefer or what are some thoguhts u have on them?



so u must be thinking wtf y these two pictures?
well I jsut noticed today that batteries and bras sizing is clearly realted. AA being the smallest and going all the way to D. WEll at least sorta related. Was this intentional? i question the background of bra sizing and battery sizing. just something to think about i guess. ANyways take care looking forward to hearing from a few people. TTFN (Ta ta for now) and yes that was a pun


man i love football season.
have a few favorites teams which include : jacksonville, tampa bay, san diego, and new orleans

what teams are your favorites?


halo 2

yes halo reach is awesome halo 3 was good but god i loved the maps on halo 2... im still debating what i like more halo 2 or reach... i wihs halo 2 had multiplayer support still :( anyone have any thoughts?


omg this looks so fun.. i reallllly wanna try this someday... going on my bucket list for sure!



not really a big fano f this game and never got y its so popular... i guess i just cant get past the whole cartoony thing... i mean i enjoyed halflife 2 but tf2 idk just isnt the same anyways your thoughts on this game which imo is kinda overrated?